Principal: Fergal McCarthy

Deputy Principal: Kathleen O Brien

                            Head of Y1: Ger Hogan              Head of Y2: Tony Cierans

                           Head of Y3: Jean Gaffney             Head of Y4: Niamh Hay

                           Head of Y5: Marie Hayes            Head of Y6: Robert Berguin

Kinsale Community School aims to cater for the curricular, personal and physical needs of each individual student, in a safe and caring environment. We try to create a positive atmosphere, where the emphasis is on personal achievement, moral development and character formation. All students are encouraged to find their own strengths in order to grow into self-confident and responsible adults. With a thoroughly comprehensive range of subjects, we believe all our students can learn both academic and practical skills and from this will have a sense of personal fulfilment.

A strong, positive Code of Discipline helps to engender self-respect, by teaching respect for people and property. With a firmly established programme of pastoral care, we seek also to enhance the spiritual aspects of the lives of our students through a programme of religious and moral instruction in keeping with family traditions.