Leaving Certificate Applied

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a two-year Leaving Certificate available to students who wish to follow a practical programme with a strong vocational emphasis. It is one of three Leaving Certificate options offered by the Department of Education and Science.

The Leaving Certificate Applied is a distinct, self-contained two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life. The programme puts an emphasis on forms of achievement and excellence, which the established Leaving Certificate has not recognised in the past.

The Leaving Certificate Applied was introduced to recognise the talents of all students and provide opportunities for development in terms of responsibility, self-esteem and self-knowledge. It is an innovative programme in the way students learn, in what they learn and in the way their achievements are assessed

LCA Curriculum in Kinsale Community School

 Vocational Preparation & Guidance

 English & Communications

 Mathematical Applications

 Languages-Irish & Modern European Language

 Graphics & Construction Studies

 Hotel, Catering &Tourism


 Leisure & Recreation

 Social Education





What's different about The Leaving Certificate Applied is that students are examined on their work as they go along.The programme is divided into half year blocks called ‘sessions' of which there are four over the two year programme. Students are assessed on their work in January and May of each year when a session ends

Students who successfully complete the programme will receive a Leaving Certificate from the State Examinations Commission. All credits awarded will be recorded on the Leaving Certificate Applied parchment.This certificate will be awarded at three levels:

Certificate Levels

Award                              Result                                  Credits

Pass                                 60-69 %                               (120 - 139 credits)

Merit                                70-84 %                                (140 - 169 credits)

Distinction                         85-100 %                              (170 - 200 credits)

Candidates who acquire less than 120 credits will receive a Record of Experience. This will also apply to those who leave before the end of the programme.

The Leaving Certificate Applied assessment takes place over the two years under three headings:

Satisfactory completion of Modules

Performance of Student Tasks

Performance in the Terminal Examinations

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